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November Birthday Gift Ideas

Topaz is the birthstone for November. It is also the stone for the 4th wedding anniversary. Topaz is a magnificent baby light blue that can be dressed up or down for an evening out, event, career, or going to the market. I frequently wear Topaz stacking rings to work followed by date night with my husband. Topaz is not an expensive stone and is very affordable. Topaz also comes in a soft yellow that reminds me of summer sunshine sparkling above the horizon on a warm evening.

Topaz is associated with the solar pleus chakra. Topaz promotes healing, communication, re-charging, and aligning the meridians of your body. Topaz is known to bring joy, abundance, and good health. It is also a stone of love and good fortune.

Slick Chick Jewelry handcrafts a variety of jewelry that showcase Topaz including pendants, charm necklaces, and earrings. Come by the Emonds Holiday Market beginning November 6 from 10-3 to pick up birthday, Christmas, and holiday gifts. Slick Chick can also custom make jewelry for your gifts or special occasions.

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