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October Birthday

The fierce Opal filled with spectacular fire is the birthstone for October. It can be blue, white, or blue-green spitting sparks of fire or opaque muted pink, purple, teal blue, orange, or blue. After Austrailian and Peruvian Opals, I love the Pink Opal with Turqoise and Copper making it a very unique and virbrant (seen in necklace on right) conversation piece.

Not only is Opal the birthstone for October but it is also the stone for the 14th wedding anniversary.

The properties for Opal include intensifying emotions and releases inhibitions reflecting the mood of the wearer. Opal stimulates creativity, and originality, encourages independence and freedom. Opal also brings love, peace, and faithfulness.

The Pink Opal is known for bringing gentle kindness and love to relationships and is associated with the Heart Chakra.

If you need a unforgettable birthday or wedding anniversary gift, Opals are always a win-win!

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