Rose Quartz Natural Gemstone Earrings

Rose Quartz Natural Gemstone Earrings


Rose Quartz natural gemstone earrings. Sterling silver or 14k gold filled.  7mm.  These tiny bits of sparkly gem heaven are available marquis, oval, teardrop, heart, or round shapes.  Gorgeous, high quality, minimalist boho chic earrings from the Slick Chick value line. These Rose Quartz boho chic earrings offer a gentle pink or rose essence to your fashion street style.  


The healing properties of Rose Quartz is to promote unconditional love, also known as the "love stone."  Rose Quartz offers a soft element of compassion, peace, and tenderness.  Rose Quartz enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind. Rose Quartz is also believed to attract love, romance and intimacy.  




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